Street Rod Wire Label Kit $34.95
Two Each Of The Following

Air Cond. Elec. Choke Ignition Starter
Alt. Elec. Speed Ign. Resistor Side Marker
Battery Extra 1 Int. Lights Send Unit
Cell Phone Extra 2 License Plate Turn Lt
C. Lighter Fan Master Disc. Turn Rt
Clock Mem. Fuel Neutral Safety Tach
Coil Gas Tank Oil Pressure Trunk
Dimmer SW Ground P. Locks Water Temp
Dist. Haz Flasher P. Windows Wiper
Dash Lights Head Light Radio Test Pieces
Efi Ign. Horn (2) Radar Detect.

Slide Label Over Wire, Heat With Heat Gun or
Hair Dryer Until Shrunk And Put Terminals On.
DO NOT Use With Open Flame