Pro Mod Kit $49.95
Two Each Of The Following

Fuel P. Relay * Stage 3 Switch Gauge Panel NOS Sol 2
Stage 1 Relay * Stage 4 Switch Timer + NOS Sol 3
Stage 2 Relay * Ignition Timer Trigger NOS Sol 4
Water Pump Starter P.B. Starter Sol. Oil Accum.
Fan Ign. Retard 1 Thro. Sw. Burnout RPM
Tail Lights Ign. Retard 2 Battery * Launch RPM
Fuel Pump Ign. Retard 3 Fuel Sol. 1 Limit RPM
Line Loc Ign. Retard 4 Fuel Sol. 2 Shift Light
Stage 1 Switch Crank Trigger Fuel Sol. 3 Ground (20pcs)
Stage 2 Switch Coil + Fuel Sol. 4 Purge PB
Aux. Power Coil - NOS Sol 1 IGN Sync.
Test Pieces

 * For 10 Gage Wire

Slide Label Over Wire, Heat With Heat Gun or
Hair Dryer Until Shrunk And Put Terminals On.
DO NOT Use With Open Flame