Complete List

Labels 3/16" x 1"

___Accessories ___Elec. Choke ___Fuse Link 14G ___Neutral Saf. ___Shift Sol.
___Accelmeter ___Elec. Speed ___Fuse Link 16G ___NOS Bot. Pres. ___Shift Time
___Air Cond. ___Emg. Flasher ___Fuse Link 18G ___NOS PB ___Shift Power
___Alt. ___Emg. Lights ___Fuse Link 20G ___NOS Pres. 1 ___Side Marker
___Alt + ___Engine RPM ___Gas Tank ___NOS Pres. 2 ___Stage #1 Sw.
___Amplifier ___Ex. Temp #1 ___Gauge Panel ___NOS Pres. 3 ___Stage #2 Sw.
___Antenna ___Ex. Temp #2 ___Gauges ___NOS Pres. 4 ___Stage #3 Sw.
___Aux. Power ___Ex. Temp #3 ___Gen + ___NOS SAF ___Stage #4 Sw.
___Backup Lt. ___Ex. Temp #4 ___Gen - ___NOS Safety ___Start L. RPM
___Backup Lt. Sw. ___Ex. Temp #5 ___Ground ___NOS Sol. ___Starter
___Battery ___Ex. Temp #6 ___Hat. F. Pres. ___NOS Sol. #1 ___Starter PB
___Battery + ___Ex. Temp #7 ___Haz. Flasher ___NOS Sol. #2 ___Starter Sol.
___Blower Boost ___Ex. Temp #8 ___Head Lights ___NOS Sol. #3 ___Stop Left
___Bottle Haet ___Extra 1 ___Head Lt. Sw. ___NOS Sol. #4 ___Stop Right
___Bottle Open ___Extra 2 ___H.L. Dimmer ___NOS Stage #1 ___Tach
___Brake ___Extra 3 ___H.L. High Beam ___NOS Stage #2 ___Tail Lights
___Brake Light ___Extra 4 ___H.R. Meter ___NOS Sys. #1 ___T.B. Bypass
___Brake Light 3 ___Extra 5 ___Horn ___NOS Sys. #2 ___Temp. Send.
___Brake Light Sw. ___Extra 6 ___HS Retard ___NOS Timer ___Thro. Pos.
___Bump Down ___Extra 7 ___Ignition ___Oil Accm. ___Thro. Stop
___Bump Down PB ___Extra 8 ___Ign. Power ___Oil Pres. ___Thro. Stop #1
___Bump Up ___Fan ___Ign. Sync ___Oil Temp. ___Thro. Stop #2
___Burn Out Lmt. ___Fuel #1 ___Ign. Box 1 ___Off ___Thro. Stop #3
___Burn Out RPM ___Fuel #2 ___Ign Box 2 ___On ___Timer +
___Cell Phone ___Fuel ___Ign Resistor ___Oxy Send. #1 ___Timer Trig.
___Choke + ___Fuel Carb. ___Ign. Retard 1 ___Oxy Send. #2 ___Trans Brake
___C. Lighter ___Fuel Gauge ___Ign. Retard 2 ___Port F. Pres. ___Trans Brake Sw.
___Clock ___Fuel Pres. 1 ___Ign. Retard 3 ___Power ___Trans. PB
___Clock Mem. ___Fuel Pres. 2 ___Ign. Retard 4 ___Power Lock ___Trans. Temp.
___Clutch Trig. ___Fuel Pres. 3 ___Int. Lights ___Power Wind. ___Trunk
___Clutch RPM ___Fuel Pres.4 ___Inshaft RPM ___Purge PB ___Turbo Boost
___Coil ___Fuel Pump ___Launch RPM ___Purge Sol. ___Turn Left
___Coil + ___Fuel Sol. ___Left Front ___Pyrometer ___Turn Right
___Coil - ___Fuel Sol. 1 ___Left Rear ___Radio ___Vacuum
___Compressor ___Fuel Sol. 2 ___Lic. Plate ___Rain Light ___Volt Meter
___Crank Trig. ___Fuel Sol. 3 ___Lights ___Record Sw. ___Water Pump
___Dash ___Fuel Sol. 4 ___Light Motor ___Radar Detect. ___Water Temp
___Dash Lights ___Flow Meter 1 ___Limit RPM ___Relay Power ___Wheel Speed
___Data Trig. ___Flow Meter 2 ___Line Loc ___Retard Trig. ___Wiper
___Delay Box ___Fuse #1 ___Mag. + ___Right Front ___2 Chance PB
___Delay Timer ___Fuse #2 ___Mag. - ___Right Rear ___2 Step
___Diff. Temp ___Fuse #3 ___Master ___RPM Switch ___3 Step
___Distributor ___Fuse #4 ___Master Disc. ___RPM Trig.
___D. Shaft RPM ___Fuse #5 ___Memory ___Run Lights
___EFI Ign. ___Fuse #6 ___MSD + ___Shift Lights
___Elec. Brake ___Fuse Link 12G ___MSD - ___Shift RPM
Labels 1/8" x 1"
___Speaker LR ___Speaker RR ___Speaker LF ___Speaker RF
Labels 1/4" x 1"
___Air In. Temp. ___Egt. #4 ___Fuel P. Relay ___Secondary ___Water Temp.
___Battery + ___Egt. #5 ___Head Temp. ___Stage 1 Relay ___W.O. Thro.
___D. Shaft RPM ___Egt. #6 ___Man. Temp. ___Stage 2 Relay
___Egt. #1 ___Egt. #7 ___Primary ___Tire Temp.
___Egt. #2 ___Egt. #8 ___RPM Sw. #1 ___Track Temp.
___Egt. #3 ___Engine RPM ___RPM Sw. #2 ___Trans. Temp.
Labels 3/8" x 1"
___Battery ___Ground ___Ign. Power ___On
___Battery + ___Ignition ___Off
Labels 1/2" x 1"
___Plug Wire #1 ___Plug Wire #2 ___Plug Wire #3 ___Plug Wire #4
___Plug Wire #5 ___Plug Wire #6 ___Plug Wire #7 ___Plug Wire #8
___Plug Wire #9 ___Plug Wire #10 ___Plug Wire #11 ___Plug Wire #12
250 pcs. Kit:  $50.00
550 pcs. Kit:  $100.00
50 pcs. of Same:  $9.50
100 pcs of Same:  $18.00

Slide Label Over Wire, Heat With Heat Gun or
Hair Dryer Until Shrunk And Put Terminals On.
DO NOT Use With Open Flame